1. Do You Need A Large Boat Trailer or a Small Boat Trailer?

    When you navigate our site and take a look at our boat trailers, you’ve probably noticed that the site is broken down by the different kinds of trailers we manufacture. So if you’re looking for a boat trailer, you won’t need to take a look at the utility trailers and equipment haulers we offer. And unless you’re looking for a jet ski trailer or pontoon trailer, you’re not going to head t…Read More

  2. Even The Best Canadian Boat Trailer Has Problems When You Don’t Maintain It

    Look, we have no trouble saying that we sell the best boat trailers in Canada. They’re expertly designed, well put together, and have amenities that are hard to beat. But that’s not to say that you don’t need to take care of it once you get it. While a good boat trailer will hold up better than a poorly built one when it comes to abuse, every boat trailer can meet an untimely end if a person…Read More

  3. 4 Ways Your Boat Trailer Can Ruin Your Fishing Trip

    If you’re like most people who have a boat trailer, you just can’t wait to get your boat out on the water. That might mean that you’re waiting for the lake to thaw so that you can get it out there in spring, or maybe you’re getting antsy for Saturday morning because it’s been five whole days since you’ve pulled your boat trailer to the water! There’s a certain amount of prep that goe…Read More

  4. Some Tips On Boat Trailer and Utility Trailer Lights

    When you’re the proud owner of a trailer, whether it’s a small boat trailer or a huge utility trailer, there can be that urge to get moving as quickly as possible. After all, the water is calling, and you’ve been waiting all week to get out on the water. With a utility trailer, you might want to get going because time is money, and your clients’ lawns aren’t going to mow themselves. But …Read More

  5. Why Boat Trailers Keep Getting Better and Better

    For 35 years now LoadRite has been providing boat owners with the absolute best trailers around, whether a customer is looking for a small boat trailer or a large utility trailer. And as customers upgrade their boat of equipment, they keep coming back again and again for another LoadRite. Each time someone comes back to us, they’re most likely getting a better trailer than the previous one they …Read More

  6. Tips For Towing a Boat Trailer

      Some of you reading this have been hauling boat trailers around for as long as you’ve been driving. You might have started with a small boat trailer for your 14’ foot boat, then over the years slowly worked your way up to a large boat trailer for a boat you want to spend days at a time on. Some of you might even have multiple boat trailers, such as one for your pond boat, one for lakes,…Read More

  7. 3 Reasons Our Boat Trailers Are Built For Canada

    There’s a good reason that Canada is in the name LoadRite Canada. We’re not building our boat trailers to deal with the Hawaiian humidity (though they could certainly hold up well.) We’re putting these trailers together with Canadians in mind, and, being Ontario citizens ourselves, know what our boat trailers are being used for. So, why are LoadRite Canada’s trailers so good for our fellow…Read More

  8. 3 Uses For our Utility Trailers That Most People Don’t Think About

      When most people think about LoadRite, the first thing that they think about are boat trailers. It makes sense, since that’s many of the 500,000 LoadRite trailers that you’ll encounter on the road. But boat trailers, both large and small, are far from the only trailers we provide to the Canadian public. We’re also one of the largest utility trailers and equipment haulers that you’l…Read More

  9. Dealing With the Wheels On Your Boat Trailer in Ontario

    In previous blogs, we’ve told you about the easiest ways to keep your new boat trailer looking and performing its best here in Ontario. First we told you about how important it is to keep your boat trailer clean and dry, including the electrical contacts and how to prevent them from rusting. We also discussed why it’s so important to keep the brakes in good shape, and how a snow/rain cover can…Read More

  10. A Few More Simple Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips

    In our previous blog we took a look at some of the most important and simple maintenance tasks that you can perform on your trailer, whether you have an aluminum boat trailer or galvanized trailers from LoadRite Canada. For instance, it’s important to wash your boat trailer after use, but it’s equally important to dry it before putting it into storage. You’ll also want to check the electrica…Read More