1. More Than Just Small Boat Trailers: Move Your Cycle, Snowmobile, and Jet Skis

    You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of LoadRite Canada’s biggest sellers is our galvanized 14-foot boat trailer. After all, most people don’t have a problem affording a small boat, and a 14-foot trailer is just the right size for most customers. And when someone comes in looking for something in a larger boat trailer, we can accommodate them all the way up to 35-foot boat tr…Read More

  2. Top 3 Reasons People Go For Our Car Haulers

    Here at LoadRite, we do everything we can to build the absolute best car haulers out there. We make them from galvanized steel so that they’ll hold up and build them solid so that they can haul up to a 7400 pound load (3300 kg). So, who are the customers looking for these car haulers? Antique car: If you have a collectible car, you’re probably trying to keep the mileage down, and you certainly…Read More

  3. Is That A Small Boat Trailer? Nope! It’s The Perfect Jet Ski Trailer!

    Sometimes you might be looking through our site and wondering “is that a small boat trailer?” No, that’s just one of our jet ski trailers, built to the exact same high quality you’d expect from any LoadRite boat trailer. We build them in both aluminum and galvanized and can handle the weight of even the heaviest jet ski or Ski-Doo. Jet skis aren’t practical, they’re just fun! After all…Read More