1. Let’s Talk About Our Credentials As A Boat Trailer Manufacturer

      There’s no doubt about it: it’s very easy to claim that we’re the best. All it takes is a few clicks on the keyboard and suddenly we’re the most amazing boat trailer manufacturer that’s ever been and will ever be. So let’s back it up with some facts about why we’re sure a LoadRite boat trailer is right for you. Endorsed By Transport Canada - When every last trailer you make en…Read More

  2. Galvanized Pontoon Trailers You Can Count On!

      Pontoon boats just don’t get enough respect. But when it comes to spending a day on the water, it’s hard to beat. It’s the best way to get your landlubber friends on the water, and it’s the best way to get lots of your friends on the water. So when you’re in the market for a pontoon trailer, show your boat the ultimate respect by transporting it on a LoadRite boat trailer! What ma…Read More

  3. Make Sure Your Large Boat Trailer Matches Your Boat

    Sometimes when we buy a boat, we jump the gun a little and buy it as soon as we have just enough money for it. That can be a huge problem, because you really don’t want to be dragging your boat behind you without a trailer! (it tends to spark a lot…) Well, maybe you’ll just use your old trailer, you think. After all, it was a pretty large boat trailer, and you’ve only gone from a 21-foot b…Read More

  4. Why Do We Think We Make The Best Boat Trailer For Sale In Canada?

    We're not going to be modest: we truly believe that we make the best boat trailer for sale in Canada. We tell you this not only because we're interested making a sale...we want you to have the best trailer possible so that you can tell all your friends. And those are the sales we're happiest about. Whether you're looking for a large or small boat trailer, we've got the model you need and the quali…Read More

  5. So, Who Are You Going To Be Carrying On Your Boat Trailer?

      Hey, it’s a boat, so it’s a “she” right? So it’s not so much “what boat are you going to be hauling around on one of our boat trailers,” it’s “who are you going to be hauling around on one of our boat trailers.” So though the boat may be a “her,” boats don’t always have a feminine name. Here are some of the boats that LoadRite trailers have been hauling all over th…Read More

  6. Why Is It So Important To Have A High-Quality Boat Trailer In Canada?

      When it comes to selecting a boat trailer for sale in Canada, it’s important to think about the different conditions it’s going to have to endure. For example, you have to think about your needs... For the highways - When you’re driving at 100 kph down the highway, it’s important to know that your trailer can handle it. (Please note that maximum speed limits vary by trailer, so make…Read More

  7. Boat Trailer Frames Are Important, But Don’t Forget About The Other Equipment

      We talk a lot about the importance of frame design for our trailers, whether they’re large or small boat trailers. After all, the frame (and subsequently the wheels) are where all of the force goes no matter what kind of road you’re on. That’s why we design and build our boat trailers to the highest specifications, because we know you want your trailer to last. But the frame is just o…Read More

  8. What Really Determines The Value Of Your Boat Trailer In Canada?

      “It’s not the years...it’s the mileage.” — Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark   Have you ever seen something in a museum - maybe an antique car or airplane - and wondered how in the world it ever stayed in such amazing condition? Then you read the placard and realize that it was either a prototype or a showroom model...in other words, it wasn’t used. There’s no doubt …Read More

  9. The Differences Between A Large And Small Boat Trailer In Canada

    You’ll notice on our site that we have small boat trailers separated from large boat trailers. While there’s no industry standard on what differentiates a large from a small boat trailer, it’s not entirely a random break. The first difference you might notice is in the... Axles - Larger and heavier boats need more support, and the easiest way to do that is to add axles. While our small boat …Read More

  10. Top 3 Reasons Why You Might Choose A Galvanized Boat Trailer Over An Aluminum Boat Trailer

      One of the most common questions we hear is “which is the better boat trailer, aluminum or galvanized?” When it comes right down to it, they’re both excellent options. (In fact, here are some highlights of why you might want to buy an aluminum boat trailer). Remember they’re both highly resistant to corrosion, so it’s not as simple as answering the saltwater / freshwater question.…Read More