1. Why Are People Looking For Utility Trailers For Sale During Winter?

    When most people think about utility trailers in Canada, it’s often due to spring, summer, and fall activities. For instance, the most common reason that people buy open trailers to is haul landscaping equipment, and there’s not a whole lot of landscaping going on this time of year. (The exception being if someone needs a tree taken down due to snow damage.) Roofing companies use utility trail…Read More

  2. The Advantages of Small Utility Trailers and Small Boat Trailers

    Whether you’re looking for a large boat trailer or small boat trailer, LoadRite Canada can help. It’s the same with utility trailers; we can offer you one that has an 8-foot long deck or double that at 16-foot. So you might be thinking, “I should get the biggest boat trailer or utility trailer I can afford. After all, I might always need more space.” It’s a common thought, and we’d cer…Read More

  3. 3 Uses For our Utility Trailers That Most People Don’t Think About

      When most people think about LoadRite, the first thing that they think about are boat trailers. It makes sense, since that’s many of the 500,000 LoadRite trailers that you’ll encounter on the road. But boat trailers, both large and small, are far from the only trailers we provide to the Canadian public. We’re also one of the largest utility trailers and equipment haulers that you’l…Read More

  4. 5 Simple Boat Trailer and Equipment Hauler Maintenance Tasks

      In a previous blog we discussed some of the most important trailer maintenance you can perform yourself when dealing with your boat trailer or equipment hauler. You can tighten any bolts that come loose from road vibration, and check your tail lights every time you hook up the trailer to your vehicle. Of course, you should keep your tires as well-maintained as possible, because thin or cracked …Read More

  5. More Than Just Small Boat Trailers: Move Your Cycle, Snowmobile, and Jet Skis

    You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of LoadRite Canada’s biggest sellers is our galvanized 14-foot boat trailer. After all, most people don’t have a problem affording a small boat, and a 14-foot trailer is just the right size for most customers. And when someone comes in looking for something in a larger boat trailer, we can accommodate them all the way up to 35-foot boat tr…Read More

  6. Moving Your Snowmobiles? Get Them There In Style With A Utility Trailer or Equipment Hauler

      Most people who don’t live in Canada think that we’re constantly buried in snow. While we certainly know that’s not true, we do tend to have more snow than most parts of the world, which leads to a greater number of people with snowmobiles. Whether you use one for recreation or to get around in winter, we can make sure they get from place to place when there’s no snow on the ground.   …Read More

  7. Aluminum Boat Trailers and Utility Trailers: Who’s Buying What?

      When you stop by LoadRite to check out our utility trailers or aluminum boat trailers, who’s going to be there with you? We sell to many different kinds of people, but it pretty much breaks down to two types: customers who are here for fun and those who are here for business. Who do we like to work with most? Let’s take a look at our customers. The Business People We truly enjoy those of yo…Read More

  8. Reducing weight In Our Open Deck Utility Trailers

      Gas prices are down, and that’s a good thing if you own a business that requires towing an open deck utility trailer. But many businesses run on razor-thin profit margins, so no matter how low gas prices get, it’s always a good idea to be as fuel efficient as possible. When we’re designing our open deck trailers, we’re always looking for ways to save on weight, which then translates…Read More

  9. What You’re Not Seeing When You Look At a LoadRite Utility Trailer

      When you look at a LoadRite utility trailer, you’re presented with a solid, good-looking piece of equipment that’s going to help you get the job done. But it’s what you don’t see that is perhaps even more important. Let’s take a look at what’s going on that’s not immediately evident. Designed For Safety: A utility trailer is so much more than just a platform on wheels. It has …Read More

  10. Reasons People Head To LoadRite To Replace Their Old Equipment Hauler

    Some equipment haulers just don’t last. While we’re not one to disparage our competition, we have to tell you that we’ve seen some beat-up wrecks of equipment haulers on the road, and we know they’re not that old because we recognize the style. Here are a few of the problems that we see with equipment haulers from other companies. They Use Lackluster wood It makes sense that equipment haul…Read More