A utility trailer from LoadRiteWe can’t deny it, there are quite a lot of options when it comes to open deck utility trailers. You can find cheap models everywhere, but you’ve got to ask yourself…just how good are they, and are they going to hold up?

Well, the quick answer is “no,” most trailers you find out there aren’t going to hold up to the demands you’re going to put on a utility trailer when you have a small business. Here are the top three reasons to buy a LoadRite utility trailer:

Galvanized Steel: If you’re not familiar with galvanization, it means that the steel has been dipped into a molten zinc solution. This coats the steel in a way that paint never could, protecting it from the elements and making it 30 times more corrosion resistant than unprotected steel. It also won’t chip like paint, which is important when you’re on- and offloading equipment. Find out more about the galvanization process right here.

Durability: All LoadRite trailers are made from the best materials, whether it’s the steel tubing of the frame or hardware like brakes and lights. You’ll be putting these through a lot, so it’s important that they last.

Drivability: From the design process, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best-driving trailer around. We know that you’ll be hauling a huge variety of equipment. And whether you’re driving around town or are out on the highway, we know that you need it to be an easy drive.

We know that there’s a variety of utility trailers for sale, and we’ve simply decided to make the best. Find your favorite right here and then and then give us a call!