We have become the industry leader over the past 35 years and because of how we design and build our boat trailers. We provide the finest performing and highest-quality boat trailers available.

Designed by engineers using disciplined stress analysis, state-of-the-art CAD technology, and stringent testing, we know quality and design it into every trailer. Automated machining processes, modernized tooling, and high-quality components are all important ingredients that make Load Rite trailers last longer and perform better.

Because we build our boat trailers Rite, we back them Rite with the best warranty in the business. 2 + 3 years warranty, that’s up to five years of coverage on what counts.

We use higher quality North American components, while many competitors use mainly off-shore components. We use the top rated tires and Galvanized or Aluminum rims. We don’t stop where your eyesight ends, we Galvanize the axle as well. Our couplers, hubs, bearings, all of our components have superior features and performance to provide ease of operation and to ensure your safety.

Check out our boat trailers today to see just how good a trailer can be.

Load Rite Elite Series WarrantyLoad Rite 5-Starr Series Warranty