img2When you stop by LoadRite to check out our utility trailers or aluminum boat trailers, who’s going to be there with you? We sell to many different kinds of people, but it pretty much breaks down to two types: customers who are here for fun and those who are here for business.

Who do we like to work with most? Let’s take a look at our customers.

The Business People

We truly enjoy those of you who are coming in to further your business. Many of you are buying utility trailers for a lawncare business or construction company. We’re always happy to sell you your first open trailer if you’re just starting out, or the 10th equipment hauler when your business just won’t stop growing. It always does our heart good to help someone make our country prosperous.

The Fun People

We love the look in the eyes of the people coming in for fun. Sometimes it’s people looking for a utility trailer or car hauler so that they move their bikes or automobile. More often, though, they’re coming in because they have a new boat in their future, and they’re looking for the best way to haul it. We love giving them their options in galvanized and aluminum boat trailers, talking about what kind of boat they’re going to get, and finding out exactly which trailer will work best for them.

You know what, we’re happy to see you all. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a small utility trailer or a huge aluminum boat trailer, we’re happy to show you whatever you need. We hope to see you soon at one of our three locations.