There are a number of variables to consider when weighing your options for boat trailers. In this post we will go through a few important factors to consider before buying:

Q: Should I Choose A Painted Steel or Galvanized Boat Trailer?

A: The Rite choice is hot-dip galvanized!

Hot-dip galvanizing is superior to paint and can provide decades of corrosion protection. Hot-dip galvanized boat trailers and utility trailers do not just receive something as simple as a coat of paint. It bonds zinc to the steel at the molecular level. In addition to the metallurgical bond, hot-dip galvanizing provides two other types of protection — Cathodic Protection and the Zinc Patina. Paint does not provide these extra protections. The most serious drawback of paint systems is that if the coating is damaged and bare steel is exposed it will immediately begin to corrode.  As the rust increases, it spreads under the remaining paint coating and separates it from the steel causing flaking and peeling.  As the paint peels, more steel is exposed and the corrosion accelerates.

Q: Spring or Torsion Axel For My Boat Trailer?

A: The Rite choice is Torsion!

Torsion axles provide independent suspension and superior dampening and ride. A road shock encountered on one side of the trailer is not passed to the other side like a spring axle, eliminating the yawl effect. The torsion axle provides a progressive compression resistance and dampened release when encountering a road shock. This provides a quiet, smooth, non-oscillating ride, which makes trailering very enjoyable. Torsion axels allow the trailer to sit lower to the road, increasing stability and decreasing how far you need to back your tow vehicle down the ramp!

Q: Quality of components (Coupler, Winch Stand, Bow Stop)

A: It is important to understand why these components can be so important!

Load Rite uses the highest-quality North American-sourced components on all of our trailers. Here is a quick video comparing a Load Rite coupler to a more generic coupler:

There are wide variations in how boat trailers are built and how they perform. If you are in the market for a boat trailer, whether you need a small boat trailer or a huge one, these are just some of the important factors to consider before buying. Call a Load Rite sales representative today to discuss these factors and more (brakes, wiring and lights) that can impact your trailering experience and most importantly the safety of your drive!