This galvanized boat trailer will haul the largest boat around.While LoadRite boat trailers come with an excellent coupler to tailgate warranty, you still need to do your best to take care of it. We will certainly stand behind the craftsmanship and materials we put into our aluminum and galvanized trailers, but ensuring that proper maintenance is taken care of is up to you. Here are a few things you need to watch out for in order to keep your boat trailer in the absolute best condition.

Watch for Tire Wear

Like every vehicle on the road, it’s important to make sure that your tires are in good condition. After all, a blown tire on your boat trailer could cause a major crash. Check the tire wear, and look for intrusive objects such as nails and glass.

Tighten the Bolts

While everything is nice and tight when you take delivery of your LoadRite trailer, the vibrations of driving it on streets and the twists it might encounter on back roads can loosen bolts over time. Take some time to inspect your bolts and give them a tightening. Of course, you should never over-tighten the bolts so much that you’re bending the frame.

Check Your Tail Lights (All of Them!)

You probably check the lights every time you hook your trailer up. Because of this, it’s much more likely that you’ll notice a busted light on your trailer sooner than you’ll notice a burned out tail light on your truck! If your trailer’s lights are working, consider it a reminder to check all the lights on your vehicle.

Clean Your Rollers, Check Your Bunks

Rollers should spin freely, and if they don’t it might be time to stop in and have them replaced here at LoadRite. Damaged or worn rollers can be frustrating at least, and dangerous at worst. Giving them a check when you’re not hauling your boat can save you trouble the next time you want to head out with your boat trailer.

If you have a trailer with bunks, look down the length of them and make sure they’re not bent. Stand evenly between them and check to make sure that they look even. They’re holding a lot of weight when they’re carrying a boat, and the world’s worst pothole could potentially cause some misalignment

Even a used boat trailer can look like a new boat trailer if you take the time to maintain it. We know you can take care of most of the small issues that arise with the maintenance of your boat trailer, but if you’re having trouble be sure to give LoadRite Canada a call at (647) 792-2580.