Choosing the Rite Trailer

Spring is almost here, and if you’re in the market for a jet ski or boat trailer it is important that you choose the Rite trailer! Here are some factors that will help ensure your trailer fits your boat and towing needs.

Calculating Capacity

When you are calculating the carry capacity needed on your trailer, it is important to consider the following factors: boat weight, engine weight, fuel weight, water weight, and personal gear. Our Load Rite website provides a helpful calculator that will guide you to the small or large trailer model necessary.

Fitting for Length

The drain plug to bow eye measurement is the most critical when sizing a trailer for boat length. Pulpits and Euro transoms are generally not supported by the trailer and accounting for these can result in a trailer that does not fit well.

The Rite trailer will have a great amount of adjustment in the support structure. This may be necessary to maintain tongue weight in the ideal 5% to 7% range. For some diagrams that illustrate the proper way to fit for length visit, click here.

Trust in LoadRite Canada

Whether you’re looking for an aluminum or galvanize boat trailer, we can help. Any questions? Contact LoadRite Canada today!