There’s a good reason that Canada is in the name LoadRite Canada. We’re not building our boat trailers to deal with the Hawaiian humidity (though they could certainly hold up well.) We’re putting these trailers together with Canadians in mind, and, being Ontario citizens ourselves, know what our boat trailers are being used for. So, why are LoadRite Canada’s trailers so good for our fellow Canadians?

We Listen To Our Customers

For a business to thrive as long as we have, you have to listen to customers. When customers tell us that they’re looking for larger, longer boat trailers, we created our 36’ foot boat trailer with three axles. When they started asking for a solid pontoon boat trailer, we listened and then made it. And when they saw the quality of our boat trailers and suggested we start making equally-good utility trailers, who are we to say no?

The trailers we make of today are so much better than those we made 35 years ago, thanks largely to the progression of computer technology to aid in design. But the advancements have also come from our customers and the suggestions they’ve made, because we want to build boat trailers that get used year after year and stay reliable.

We Know What Canadians Put Them Through

Most of the world thinks of Canada as one big pine forest, despite the fact that our largest industry is vehicle assembly and export or that our fastest growing industry is in tech. Still, we do have a lot of amazing places to take a boat, and sometimes those places aren’t paved.

LoadRite boat trailers are built to hold up to the rough parts of Ontario and beyond, whether you’re on a perfectly smooth highway or a dirt road heading to your favorite hidden lake. They’re also ready to tackle the cold Canadian winters when your boat might be in storage. We live here and use our own LoadRite trailers, so we know what we put them through and what our customers need in a reliable trailer.

They’re Good For Freshwater and Saltwater

There’s no doubt that most of our customers are using LoadRite’s trailers in freshwater environments, such as Lake Simcoe, the St. Lawrence River, or one of the great lakes. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll only be using our boat trailers in freshwater, so it’s good to have a boat trailer that holds up in both saltwater and freshwater.

Canada has more than 202,000 kilometers of coastline, and that means that some of our trailers are certainly going to end up on saltwater eventually. People take trips to the ocean, and they might move the coast. Luckily, both our aluminum boat trailer and zinc galvanized boat trailers are a great option.

Like we said, we use our boat trailers and know what Canadians are looking for in quality and value. We’d love for you to stop by our Innis Yard or Monkland Yard so that we can find that perfect galvanized or aluminum boat trailer for you.