In previous blogs, we’ve told you about the easiest ways to keep your new boat trailer looking and performing its best here in Ontario. First we told you about how important it is to keep your boat trailer clean and dry, including the electrical contacts and how to prevent them from rusting. We also discussed why it’s so important to keep the brakes in good shape, and how a snow/rain cover can make your Ontario boat trailer last longer when it’s not hauling your boat around. That wasn’t all, though, because in our second blog about boat trailer maintenance we discussed how important it is to give both the winch and the bunks a go-over so that your boat stays as secure as possible during transportation.

So, with all of those maintenance points addressed, we’ve mentioned everything from stem to stern, right? Well, not exactly. We thought we’d save one blog for discussing the importance of the wheels on your Ontario boat trailer. After all, it’s all riding on the tires and wheels, so it’s best to keep them in the best possible condition.

Check the Tires

The tires on your boat trailer are the same as any other tires in your life: treat them well and they’ll wear evenly, and you’ll get a long life from them. Treat them poorly and you’ll be buying boat trailer tires much more often than you need to.

That means keeping them properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s instructions; if they’re the ones we sold you, just talk to us about the necessary air pressure. If you’ve already gone through a set of tires and have replaced them, make sure to follow the new manufacturers tire pressure specs.

Jack It Up

If you suspect that something is wrong with one of your wheels, it can be difficult to tell exactly what’s going on while the watercraft is on the boat trailer. With the boat off the trailer, jack the trailer up and spin the wheels. If anything is off — if there’s wobble, too much horizontal movement, or if it stops spinning too soon — you’ll want to take it to a professional for repair. Another thing to listen for is any sort of rumblings, which mean that your wheel bearings are having trouble.

Keep Bearings Greased

While you might need to take your Ontario boat trailer into a professional for some maintenance, there’s a good chance you can handle this one. All you need is manufacturer-approved grease and a grease gun to inject grease into the area housing the bearings.

Have the Wheel Bearings Replaced

Wheel bearings wear out, so about once a year it’s a good idea to have them repacked. If you don’t know how to, take your trailer to a professional to have them replaced.

Interestingly, putting less wear and tear on your bearings can actually cause them to fail sooner. If you aren’t far from the water, that means that they don’t have enough time to heat up and burn off the water that gets inside. When this occurs, the bearing are more likely to rust.

Remember, everything is riding on your wheels — literally! That’s why it’s so important to keep both your wheels and tires in good shapes so that you can get your Ontario boat trailer, and your boat, around safety.