When it comes to buying boats, most times the focus is almost entirely on getting that dreamboat of yours and other essential accessories like the boat trailer are often an afterthought. But unless you plan to keep your boat at the dock everyday, you will need to consider buying a boat trailer. With the right boat trailer, you will be able to move your boat to any body of water that is road-accessible quite conveniently. Of course, utility trailers are not all built the same. To ensure that you get the right one, here are some of the things to check.

Check the Trailer Length

This is an obvious consideration. You have to ensure that the trailer is the right length for your boat and by right length, we mean at least 2 feet longer than the length of your boat (without factoring in the trailer’s swim platform). Usually, manufacturers of boat trailers clearly indicate the length. However, if you cannot find it, you can measure the length by yourself.

Consider the Weight of the Boat 

Every boat trailer has a maximum weight rating. This weight rating determines whether or not the trailer will be able to support the weight of your boat. Of course, in considering this factor you need to use the total weight of the boat and not just its dry weight. The dry weight of a boat refers to the weight of the hull and motor alone. But you need more than this. Other factors such as the weight of the fuel, water, oil, safety equipment, anchor, and other parts of your boat are important as well. When checking out boat trailers, you need to ensure that the wet weight of your boat matches the weight limit of the trailer.

Check Out the Axle Style 

Boat trailer axles generally come in two styles, they can either be single or dual axles. Single axle boat trailers are generally lighter because they are built for smaller boats (about 23 inches in length and a maximum weight of 3,500lbs). They are also cheaper and easier to maintain. Dual axle boat trailers on the other hand are designed to carry more weight. Hence, they are built to be sturdier and more stable on the road which makes them safer. 

Boat Trailer Materials

Generally, there are three types of materials that boat trailers can be made out of. These are painted steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Painted steel is made specifically for boats that go on freshwater. But for utility trailers to be used in saltwater, you can either choose between aluminum or galvanized steel. Of these two, aluminum is lighter and more durable. But it is also more expensive than galvanized steel. Usually, your choice between these two options comes down to personal preferences.

When shopping for the right pontoon boat trailers or otherwise, it is best to always speak to a professional to guide you through the process of finding the most ideal one for you. 

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