Of all the questions we get at our boat trailer company here in Ontario, it’s probably “what size boat trailer do I need?” That’s really a technical question, because it’s all going to be determined by the size of your boat. But when after that question is answered, another question pops up that doesn’t have such a black-and-white answer: “Do I need a galvanized boat trailer or an aluminum boat trailer?”

Well, we’re here to give you a definitive answer, to tell you that you definitely, most certainly need…one or the other! While we’d love to tell you that one is unequivocally better than the other, it’s just not the case. We carry both of them for good reason, because different boaters have different needs.

So, which one is best for you? You should probably call or stop by to discuss your particular needs. But we do have a few things for you to think about when it comes to aluminum and galvanized boat trailers.

Which Is Lighter?

In general, aluminum boat trailers tend to be a bit lighter than galvanized steel trailers. Aluminum is more than twice as light as steel, which can lead to fuel cost savings; the lighter your haul, the less gas you burn.

“But wait,” you might say. “If aluminum is so light, why isn’t there a greater weight difference between aluminum and galvanized boat trailers?” The simple answer is that aluminum isn’t as strong as steel, so more of it has to be used.

In the end, you don’t want any trailer to be too light. When it gets in the water, you don’t want it to float away!

Which Is More Durable?

This is kind of a trick question. At one time, galvanized boat trailers won this hands down. Early aluminum boat trailers just didn’t hold up as well, but advances in design, engineering, and metallurgy have increased their quality exponentially. Today, there’s really not much difference in quality between aluminum and galvanized boat trailers.

Perhaps the best indication that aluminum boat trailers are just as strong as galvanized is that all of our large boat trailers are made from aluminum. Our largest boat trailers carry 15,000 pound, 36-foot boats, and they’re aluminum. They’re certainly strong enough!

Which Costs More?

In general, aluminum boat trailers are going to cost more than galvanized steel boat trailers. The primary reason for this is that aluminum is simply more expensive than steel. It even remains more expensive than steel despite the process of hot-dip galvanization.

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Which Has Better Resale Value?

In general, aluminum boat trailers seem to keep their resale value a bit better than the average steel boat trailer. While aluminum boat trailers have been around for quite a while, they’re also thought of as being more modern and advanced. That’s not necessarily true, but there is a perception.

Which Looks Better?

Most people tend to think that aluminum boat trailers look a bit better, and for some that’s the deal-maker. They have a fancy boat, so they want the nicest looking boat trailer to go with it. The integrated wire channel of aluminum boats certainly keeps the extras hidden away and helps give it a sleeker look.

Other people couldn’t care less about how their boat trailer looks. The boat might not be that fancy, so why should the trailer itself?

So, Which Should You Get?

We don’t necessarily have an answer for you until you stop by. But we do hope you’ll stop by our Monkland or Innisfil yards, because there’s nothing we like talking about more than boat trailers. We’ll discuss your boating habits, the kind of roads you take, and the chances that you’ll be getting your boat trailer into damaging situations. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon on your quest for the perfect aluminum or galvanized boat trailer!