When many people visit our boat trailer yards in Innisfil or Monkland, they stare at the triple-axle boat trailer and say “I wish I had one of those.” Of course, what they’re really saying is “I wish I had a boat that needed a trailer like that.”

So you might wonder, what determines the number of axles you’re going to need on your boat trailer? If your boat is right on the edge between needing a single- or double-axle boat trailer, are there advantages of one over the other? Let’s find out.

First, It’s About Your Boat

Of course, the primary way to determine what type of boat trailer you’re going to need is based on the size and weight of your boat. Every boat trailer is designed to be able to carry certain weights, so a heavier and longer boat might need a dual- or even triple-axle boat trailer.

The type of boat you have will also help you decide. Trying to drive your speedboat around on a pontoon boat trailer just isn’t going to work, no matter how many axles you’re dealing with. Let LoadRite know the specs of your watercraft and we’ll be more than happy to find you the perfect boat trailer.

Single-Axle Boat Trailers

Single-axle boat trailers have two wheels and one axle. They are most often used on small boat trailers that don’t need to handle a lot of weight.


  • Easy to Drive: Having only two wheels allows them to be turned much more easily than dual-axle trailers. This is true whether you’re on the road or backing into the storage space beside a house. You’ll simply get tighter corners with a single-axle trailer.
  • Lightweight: Single-axle boat trailers are lightweight enough that they can be moved around by hand when empty. Turning around a single-axle boat trailer by hand is simple, while a dual-axle boat trailer is more difficult and requires more space.
  • Easy to Maintain: Having one axle and two wheels means half the upkeep of a dual axle and a third the upkeep of a triple axle!


  • Safety: Single axle trailers are not as safe during a blowout.
  • Distance: Most small boat trailers are used for moving a boat short distances.

Multi-Axle Boat Trailers

Multi-axle trailers are medium-to-large boat trailers that have two axles (four wheels) or three axles (six wheels).


  • Stability: Multi-axle trailers are more stable on long hauls on the highway, as the weight is distributed among more tires.
  • Safety: During a blowout, you’ll certainly feel the loss of the tire. But you’ll always have another on that side to compensate until you can get it repaired.


  • Harder to Turn: Multi-axle trailers are harder to turn at a street corner and more difficult to get into position when backing up.
  • More Upkeep: More axles mean more upkeep to the axle, wheels, and tires.

Which Boat Trailer Is Right For You?

As we mentioned above, the most important aspect that determines the size of the boat trailer you’re going to need is the kind of boat you have, how long it is, and how heavy it is. But there are some instances where the answer isn’t 100-percent obvious, and that’s when it’s a good idea to come into LoadRite Canada’s dealership to see what we have and discuss your particular boat with a professional. We make recommendations every day, and by asking you a few simple questions we’ll be able to give our expert advice on which boat trailer will be right for you. Visit us in Innisfil or Monkland today, or email us from that same page. You can also call 647-792-2580 to ask you questions over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!