It’s been a while since we’ve gotten the chance to sit down and write our readers and prospective customers with a good, old fashioned blog here at Load Rite. But, seeing as how summer is well and truly upon us, we figured it’s high-time to remind folks in Ontario what Canada’s finest quality boat and jet-ski trailer company is all about. So, keep reading to find out a bit more about what Load Rite Canada can do for you. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a ten thousand view of what you should know about Load Rite. for anyone who is interested in buying a jet ski trailer or boat trailer in Ontario, today’s blog is essential reading! We’ll start with the basics of Load Rite and who we are as a company before moving on to some practical details that will aid your purchase process — whether you end up going with Load Rite or not! That said, let’s dive in!

Who We Are

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a basic car hauler, a pontoon trailer, a Load Rite Elite, or 5 STARR Series Boat Trailer, Load Rite is all about providing you with the resources to help make your decision a simple one. We are experts who care about our customers. It’s a combination that has seen Load Rite become synonymous with the words “craftsmanship, style and value” over the last three decades and change. 

We offer the finest trailers on the market, including replacement trailer parts, watercraft trailers, and many other affordable, high-quality products. 

Our Mission

Short and sweet, our mission is to provide Load Rite customers with the Best Value in their trailer purchase. How do we do this? “We Try Harder.” We focus that effort into blending quality and value like no other company around; we offer the best quality and specification to match the application at a price our customers find reasonable. By doing that, we support our customers, employees, and the greater Ontario community. 

Why Choose Us? 

We’ve already listed a few reasons, but let’s dive into some specifics. For one thing, Load Rite Canada has truly exceptional expertise in our industry, as evidenced by being one of only five companies in Canada to earn “Most Trusted Status” by Transport Canada.

For another, Load Rite Canada was the only trailer supplier to have recently passed all stringent requirements to supply combat application trailers by the Canadian Department of National Defense.  

A final way in which we provide elite value to our customers is that Load Rite is a partner of Mercury Marine’s, Land N Sea’s distribution division. This allows us the ability to supplement our parts and service distribution across Canada. What does this mean for you? You get the best ongoing customer support in the industry; you can get local parts and service for your Load Rite trailer — from coast to coast!

A few years ago I bought a Load [Rite] boat trailer and was very happy with both the quality of the trailer, the attention and service I got from your dealer. So when it came time to buy a trailer for my seadoos the decision was easy, I went with your double aluminum torsion axle, great decision. Thanks for your help in making this purchase.” – Dave K., Top Rated Local®


Small Boat Trailers

While our most popular small boat trailers are the 14-foot galvanized boat trailers, we also offer 16-foot galvanized boat trailers up through 20-foot aluminum trailers. Viable for freshwater and saltwater, you can learn more about our small boat trailers in Canada by following the link provided above. 

Large Boat Trailers

Looking for a trailer that is up to the task of accommodating your sizable watercraft? Load Rite offers large boat trailers in Canada, from our 21-foot boat trailer that can tow a 5,200-pound boat! Not to be outdone, we also offer a 12,000-pound boat trailer for sale that can haul a 32-foot boat. Plus, we offer boat trailers for even larger boats than that! Learn more by following the link above. 

Jet Ski Trailers

We offer the best in jet ski trailers here at Load Rite Canada, with high-quality single and dual jet ski trailers with extra-strong winches to boot. You’ll get into the water fast and get out in a jiffy as well. What’s more, our trailers will hold up just as well on the highway as they do on backcountry roads, so you never have to worry about the security of your jet ski when you are going from point A to B. 

Pontoon Trailers

Pontoon boats are as stylish as they are comfortable, but you don’t need us to tell you that if you already own one! If you are looking for a Load Rite Canada pontoon boat trailer, we offer galvanized pontoon trailers which range in carrying capacity from 2,550 pounds (18-foot boats)  to 5,000 pounds (26-foot pontoon boats) for extra large pontoon boats. Learn more about our jet ski boat trailer specifications at your convenience!

Open Deck Utility Trailers

If you are looking to shop utility trailers, we’ve got plenty of open-deck utility trailers for you to comb through. No matter what you are hauling, we’ll make sure your cargo gets wherever you are hauling it safely. We provide high-quality open deck utility trailers for many a small business, including landscaping and roofing companies. Find out more about our utility trailer specifications, why you choose a galvanized trailer vs. a paint trailer, and much more by clicking through on the link above!

Best Guaranteed Value

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, whether you are a longtime customer or are a brand new boat owner looking to buy your first boat trailer. Remember, if one of our competitors offers you a jet-ski trailer or boat trailer for sale at a price that appears to be a better value, call us. We’ll help make sure you are getting shortchanged! We are happy to put our experience to work for you whether you end up going with a Load Rite boat trailer or otherwise. We are here to help you make an informed decision.  

At the end of the day, we are passionate about putting our years of experience to work for you. That means we are available to help match your unique requirements to a boat or jet-ski trailer that fits your budget. Where else are you going to find a company full of folks who boast an excess of thirty years of experience in the trailer business? Choose Load Rite Canada if you are buying a car hauler, boat, or jet ski trailer in Toronto or beyond!