One of the aspects of our boat trailers that we like to tout is how high-quality each and every frame is. Whether you’re looking for a galvanized boat trailer or an aluminum boat trailer, LoadRite Canada is going to provide you with a frame that holds up to the Canadian elements. This includes fresh and saltwater, highways and backroads, on the water or stored at the side of the house.

So we’re not going to argue with you: frames are incredibly important. But when you’re looking at new boat trailers, you have to consider more than just the frame. After all, a quick look at any boat trailer shows that it’s much more than just a simple frame. Here are some of the other aspects of them that can’t be ignored.

The Winch

A boat trailer winch plays an obvious, and vital, role in making sure your boat gets into the perfect position on your boat trailer. Yes, you can dip your trailer into the water and ride the boat up onto the bunks, but it’s nearly impossible to get it exactly where you want it.

If your winch breaks, moving your boat farther up onto the trailer can seem impossible. You want to make sure you get a winch that holds up to the weight of your boat. While our large boat trailers can carry around 15,000, we doubt anyone is strong enough to be able to move any boat that goes on even our smallest boat trailer.

Also, be sure to investigate how long the winch you’re considering might hold up. If it still technically works but is hard to use, it could convince you that going out boating every weekend just isn’t worth it.

The Wheels and Tires

If you’re carrying your 5,000-pound boat around on your boat trailer, where is all that weight being supported? Yes, it’s on the frame, but the boat trailer itself is being supported by a very small part of the tire at any given time.

That’s why it’s so important to take a good look at the wheels and tires you’ll be getting on whatever boat trailer you choose. After all, you can have the best aluminum boat frame in the world, but putting cheap tires and wheels on it won’t be much good if they cause you to go off the road.

The Brakes

Here’s yet another aspect of boat trailers that could be disastrous if the components are too cheap. You can’t just rely on the brakes of your towing vehicle to stop you, because all of that extra weight from the boat will strain the brakes and might not provide enough stopping power. Always investigate the quality of the brakes being put on your particular boat trailer.


We’re big fans of bunks here at LoadRite Canada, and you’ll probably notice that all of our boat trailers have bunks and not rollers. They simply distribute the weight of the boat over a greater area, rather than putting all of that weight on a few small rollers. When you’re purchasing a boat trailer, make sure to investigate the quality of the bunks to make sure they’ll hold up the weight of your boat.

Ready To Get Out On the Water?

It’s spring as we write this, and that means it’s time to get back on the water. Doing the right research on the aspects of boat trailers above will make sure you’ll have a much better boating experience this year. Click here to learn more about our wide selection of boat trailers!