It’s unfortunate, but summer is coming to an end, and soon the weather will be cool enough in Ontario that the boat will need to be put away for the winter. Get in as much water time as you can, but set a date to start winterizing your boat. This is typically done sometime in September, but if you’re OK with fishing in cool weather, you can wait until the beginning of October.

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Inboard Engines

Changing the oil is an essential part in preparing your boat for winter. Be sure to change the oil when it’s warm to allow it to drain fully from the boat. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Add cooling water to the engine through the flushing port.
  • Remove and dispose of the oil filter.
  • Refill the engine and check the oil level to make sure there aren’t any leaks.
  • Flush the engine with non-toxic antifreeze and allow the fluid to circulate until it exits the exhaust.

Be sure to also change the transmission fluid, remove the spark plugs, and use a fogging oil to clean the cylinders and the outside of the engine.

Outboard Engines

  • Add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank.
  • Let fresh water flow through the engine to flush it using flush muffs or the flushing port.
  • Let the engine run and spray a fogging solution into the air intakes.
  • With the engine still running, remove the fuel line and spray the fogging solution until the engine dies. This will ensure that the carburetors are free of any deposits.
  • Use a water-resistant grease on the propeller shaft and threads.

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Fresh Water System

  • Drain the fresh water tank and hot water heater.
  • Connect the in and out lines on the hot water heater to isolate it.
  • Use a non-toxic antifreeze to flush the system and let it flow until the antifreeze comes out.
  • Flush antifreeze through the water heater as well.


  • Thoroughly clean the bilge with hot water and soap.
  • Apply a moisture displacing lubricant.
  • Add antifreeze to prevent water from freezing.

If You’re Storing the Boat Out of the Water

  • Pressure wash the hull to clean away any debris, including the rudders, struts, trim, props, and shafts.
  • Allow any water to fully drain from the boat.
  • This is a great time to wax the hull, which can help protect it from any scratching when resting on your boat trailer.

Winterizing and storing your boat properly is incredibly important to properly protect it during the winter. If you’re looking for high-quality boat trailers to store your boat on this season, shop at LoadRite. Our staff are knowledgeable and friendly, making it easy to find the trailer you need.