UT6512SS dhxhdth   |    Price: $2,394

Here at LoadRite, we pride ourselves on having the perfect trailer for the needs of landscapers and general contractors. That’s why we offer so many sizes and features to make sure that you can get out there and make Canada even more beautiful.

So when you’re looking for just the right utility trailer for your business, do you need something with one wheel per side, or two? Take some of these ideas into consideration.

Weight: How much are you planning on hauling? Your typical riding lawn mower 225 kilos (500 pounds) so even having two of them on our typical 2,700 or 3,500 single wheel utility trailers isn’t going to be a problem. But if you’re driving lawn tractors around with auxiliary mowers and lifters, you’re going to reach that limit before you know it.

Size: The size of our utility trailers isn’t as wheel dependant as you might think. For instance, we have our single wheel 3,500 pound GVWR with a 14’ deck, while our dual wheel 7,000 pounds comes as short as 12’. Some customer need the extra room, while others need the extra weight. And some need both, which is where our amazing equipment hauler comes into play!

Driveability: If you have a business, you might think to yourself “even though I only have one riding mower, I might as well get the larger trailer for when my business grows.” First of all, congrats on having the right attitude! We’ll provide you with the right LoadRite trailer because we know that when you come back for your second, third, and fourth trailer as your business grows. So it might be a good idea to go ahead and get the bigger trailer. At the same time, the smaller trailer will always be there for you when you need something with a smaller footprint, like when there’s very little parking down a customer’s cul de sac. We make our dual wheel utility trailers as easy to drive as physically possible, but they still take some getting used to when compared to a single wheel version.

There are many questions we’d love to ask you about your business and the equipment you use, so be sure to contact us or stop by to talk about which LoadRite utility trailer is right for you.