SN: 5S-AC26T7300102LTB2    |    Price:  $5,261

Sometimes when we buy a boat, we jump the gun a little and buy it as soon as we have just enough money for it. That can be a huge problem, because you really don’t want to be dragging your boat behind you without a trailer! (it tends to spark a lot…)

Well, maybe you’ll just use your old trailer, you think. After all, it was a pretty large boat trailer, and you’ve only gone from a 21-foot boat to a 25-foot boat. It will work, right?

Hold on there! Think twice before you put your new boat on an old boat trailer.

The Safety: Never put a boat that’s too large on an small boat trailer. You have to consider the length of the boat and what the trailer is rated for, and you have to consider the weight as well. If you put too large a boat on a trailer, driving becomes more difficult and you’re more likely to have a wreck.

The Amenities: Boat trailers get easier and easier to use over the years. Cranks get smoother, rollers move more freely, and bunks are less likely to mar the boat coating. Treat yourself to a newer trailer and everything gets easier.

The wear: Think about the wear you’ve already got on your old boat trailer. If you store your boat on the trailer, think about the weight that the bunks have sustained….then think about what could happen if you put an even heavier boat on your old boat trailer and take it out on the road.

So when you’re upgrading your boat, save up for a bit longer and make sure you get the large boat trailer that it deserves and will keep everyone safe. Sell your old trailer to help fund your new one, and then find that new boat trailer for sale right here.