more-thanYou probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of LoadRite Canada’s biggest sellers is our galvanized 14-foot boat trailer. After all, most people don’t have a problem affording a small boat, and a 14-foot trailer is just the right size for most customers. And when someone comes in looking for something in a larger boat trailer, we can accommodate them all the way up to 35-foot boat trailers that can haul up to 15,000 pounds!

Not every trailer we sell is a boat trailer, though. Let’s take a look at some of the other trailers we sell that can get your vehicles around.


There are many circumstances where you won’t be riding your motorcycles but instead getting them around in style on the back of a LoadRite utility trailer. Most of the time people are hauling them behind an RV so that they have a “get around” vehicle once they get to the camp site. If you’re heading to Banff for a week, you don’t necessarily want to experience the national park from the windows of your RV; you want to glide around the park on your motorcycle! Our utility trailers have great tie down locations to keep your motorcycling in place.


Here at LoadRite Canada there’s something that we sell a lot more of than the LoadRite that serves the United States: utility trailers for snowmobiles! We carry a great selection of open deck utility trailers that can accommodate any length of snowmobile, and in some cases two. If you’re using your utility trailer primarily for snowmobiles we’d suggest the open sides as opposed to the solid sides, allowing the water from melted snow to drain off as thoroughly as possible.

Of course, the grated ramp allows for easy on / easy off so that you can drive right up onto the utility trailer with ease. Pick the right trailer and you won’t have any problems with weight, because these galvanized models can haul from 2,700 pounds up to 7,000 pounds.

Jet Ski

Wait, is a jet ski a boat? Jet skis float, they get you around, and they’re certainly watercraft. In fact, you need a license to operate a jet ski, so while they may be small boats they certainly qualify.

Still, you’re looking for something considerably more specialized than a small boat trailer. That’s why we have six different options to choose from: three that are either aluminum or galvanized, three that are either single or double models.

Car Haulers

Car haulers usually end up moving the best and the worst of vehicles. The first type of vehicle they move around is the collector car, that beauty that’s been restored, shined, slowly driven on the trailer, and covered in a vehicle wrap before you head toward the car show.

The second type of reason people get car haulers is to get that broken down vehicle off the side of the highway and into your garage (or to your mechanic).

LoadRite wants to help you get your vehicle, whether it’s a boat, car, motorcycle, or jet ski wherever you need it. Ready to haul something? Contact us today and come take a look at what we have to offer.