For an open trailer with a mesh ramp, it's hard to beat this simple utility trailer.

Most people who don’t live in Canada think that we’re constantly buried in snow. While we certainly know that’s not true, we do tend to have more snow than most parts of the world, which leads to a greater number of people with snowmobiles. Whether you use one for recreation or to get around in winter, we can make sure they get from place to place when there’s no snow on the ground.


Get them to your playground

One of the most common reasons people buy a recreational utility trailer is to move their snowmobile to their favorite snowy spot. Snowmobiles are surprisingly long and wide, so if you want to get two snowmobiles where you’re going you might need one in the back of the truck and one on a LoadRite utility trailer.


You can’t drive them everywhere

It’s never a good idea to drive a snowmobile for very far without snow. They’re designed to be ridden on snow, and anything else will eventually cause them to fail. So when you need to get them from place to place, even just across town, you’ll need a safe and easy way to move them. While some people haul them in the back of a truck (see above), the drop down loading gates on utility trailers makes moving them so much easier.


Maybe and equipment hauler?

Want to haul multiple snowmobiles? An equipment hauler might be in your future. As we mentioned above, most snowmobiles are big. Depending on your model, you might be able to get two or more on an equipment hauler, especially if they’re put on at an angle. Curious to see how many a LoadRite equipment hauler can handle? Bring us your measurements, or learn more about it here.