SN: EP-18/20-2550    |    Price: $2,210

Pontoon boats just don’t get enough respect. But when it comes to spending a day on the water, it’s hard to beat. It’s the best way to get your landlubber friends on the water, and it’s the best way to get lots of your friends on the water.

So when you’re in the market for a pontoon trailer, show your boat the ultimate respect by transporting it on a LoadRite boat trailer! What makes a LoadRite trailer the one you’re looking for?

Tritoon or Pontoon Trailers: There are lots of pontoon trailers out there, but if you have a tritoon you’re going to need a dedicated tritoon trailer. We’ve got the best in tritoon and pontoon galvanized boat trailers available.

Adjustable brackets: Because of their unique design, not every pontoon boat will fit on every pontoon trailer. Instead of making dozens of different trailers, we make the brackets adjustable to accommodate different types of pontoon tubes. All you have to do is select the weight and length of your trailer and the brackets can be adjusted accordingly.

Galvanized frame protects the wiring: You know that, with it being a galvanized boat trailer, it’s going to hold up to both salt and freshwater. But because of our tubular designed frame, wiring and brake lines are protected inside the frame. That’s immeasurably important when you think about backing your pontoon trailer into murky water that might hide hazards that would cut through exposed wires.

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