Utility trailers are great for landscapers

If you have a landscape business and have at least one riding lawn mower, you’re not going anywhere without a utility trailer. Buying the best trailer for your needs will make sure you get from job to job for years to come, and that’s why LoadRite offers the most rugged and varied trailers around.

Ruggedness – We don’t know exactly what you’re hauling, but we’ve got a good idea. Push mowers, riding lawn mowers, tillers, aerators. Heavy stuff that needs a strong open deck trailer to haul it. And it’s not just the bed and sides of the trailer that need to be tough. You’ve also got to find a trailer that has a ramp that will hold up to the daily on/offs of all of your equipment, and stay easy to lift at the end of the day. That’s what you’ll find in a LoadRite trailer.

Selection – Not everyone needs the same open deck utility trailer. Some buyers just need room for the one weedeater and a riding mower. Others will be showing up with a crew of four and will need room for two riding mowers, a couple of push mowers, and a handful of hand tools. So we’ve got a great selection of trailers in different sizes that will carry just the right amount of equipment, up to 7,000 pounds (3175 kilograms) on our dual-wheel models. You can also decide between mesh-sided or solid-sided models.

When you’re looking for the best in utility trailers for sale, you’ve found them right here at LoadRite Canada. Find your next utility trailer right here and take your business to the next level.