EQ-1816000B2 | Price: $5,995 | Galvanized Super H.D. Tube Frame, 16,100 lb GVWR, Deck 82” x 16’ + 2’ Beavertail, PT 2” x 8” PlankSome equipment haulers just don’t last. While we’re not one to disparage our competition, we have to tell you that we’ve seen some beat-up wrecks of equipment haulers on the road, and we know they’re not that old because we recognize the style. Here are a few of the problems that we see with equipment haulers from other companies.

They Use Lackluster wood

It makes sense that equipment haulers are made with wood decking. The galvanized frame provides enough strength so that a more lightweight material like wood can provide support and not have to hold the frame together. Problems can arise when the wrong type of wood is used or the wood isn’t properly treated. At LoadRite we use treated pine that can stand up not only to the equipment you’re hauling but also to the elements.

They Don’t Galvanize Enough

Galvanization is a process that has to be done thoroughly. If you don’t galvanize every exposed inch, the rust will start and your trailer will begin to disintegrate. LoadRite uses hot dip galvanization, which coats all of the tube frame inside and out with a zinc solution, preventing the water from starting the rusting process in the first place.

They Don’t Pay Enough Attention To The Hardware

Even if they get the frame and wood right, too many utility trailer manufacturers simply haven’t figured out the hardware yet. On other equipment haulers we’ve seen loose tail lights, frayed brake lines, and ramps that don’t stay in place. Here at LoadRite, we build trailers that hold up to the jobs we know people are using them for.

Equipment haulers are put through some of the toughest jobs around, so it’s important to find one that will last. Contact LoadRite today to check out what we have to offer.