UT6514SS    |    Price: $2,522    |    Galvanized Tube Frame, 3,500 lb GVWR, 6.5‘ x 14’ Deck, PT 2”x 8” Plank, Solid Side,  5’ Mesh Ramp

Gas prices are down, and that’s a good thing if you own a business that requires towing an open deck utility trailer. But many businesses run on razor-thin profit margins, so no matter how low gas prices get, it’s always a good idea to be as fuel efficient as possible.

When we’re designing our open deck trailers, we’re always looking for ways to save on weight, which then translates to money savings. Here are a few ways we do it.

Mesh Ramps: Our thoughts are: if you can reduce weight and keep the strength, do it! That’s where the mesh ramps come in. They’re strong enough to handle whatever the rest of the trailer can handle, and they do it with considerably less weight than a solid ramp.

Aerodynamics: Of course, solid ramps would also increase drag, and that’s where aerodynamics come into play. When you think of aerodynamics, you probably think of sports cars. But everything on the road has to be designed to interact with the wind as little as possible. For us that means including the mesh ramp but also molding the entire design of the trailer to help fuel efficiency as much as possible.

Wood planks: The galvanize steel frame keeps the shape of the trailer, so much so that a metal floor would be heavy and redundant. Wood planks are strong and lightweight, at the same time allowing equipment (such as a compressor) to be easily bolted to them.

At LoadRite we’ve very interested in making our trailers as fuel efficient as possible. We hope you’ll stop by so that we can show off some more of the great features you’ll find on every utility trailer we sell.