When it comes to purchasing a boat trailer, you probably already know the approximate size you’re going to need. You’ll need a small boat trailer for if you have a 14-foot boat, and a large boat trailer for anything that’s over 20 foot long. The size of boat trailer you need is pretty much determined by your boat. The only time you might need a bigger boat trailer than fits the size of your boat is if you’re going to be upgrading soon, and we can help you find one that would accommodate both sizes.

So with the size determined, what’s the next big question to be answered? No doubt about it, one of the most common topics we get to discuss with our customers is “should I buy an aluminum boat trailer or a galvanized steel boat trailer?” And it’s a great question that every boat owner should research carefully and talk to a trailer dealer about.

The differences might not be as big as you think. For instance, many people think that the type of water you’ll be boating in — saltwater or freshwater — is the main determiner of which metal to choose. The good thing is, both aluminum and galvanized steel hold up very well in both kinds of water.  

What makes each metal so special? First of all, aluminum doesn’t rust, and any corrosion that forms is actually protecting it. If you don’t like the look of the corrosion, it’s relatively easy to remove with specialized cleaners. It’s aluminum all the way through, meaning that it’s rust proof all the way through. Galvanized steel, on the other hand, has been dipped into a zinc solution that coats every last millimeter of exposed steel. If the water can’t reach the steel, it can’t rust.

Luckily, LoadRite carries the best of both worlds, offering both aluminum and galvanized steel boat trailers. Let’s take a look at some questions you might ask yourself when deciding on what kind of boat trailer you’ll be needing here in Ontario.

infographic-1So, have you made your decision? Sometimes the answer is obvious: if you have a 32-foot, 10,000-pound boat, galvanized is exactly what you’re looking for. Do you only float-launch your boat from the same dock again and again? Maybe aluminum is for you.

Let’s be honest: the best way to decide if you should buy an aluminum boat trailer or a galvanized version is to talk to the experts, and that’s us! LoadRite has the best in both metals, and we can take a look at your boat, ask you questions, and recommend the perfect boat trailer for you. Contact us right here with questions, or stop by our Innisfil or Monkland locations to take a look at our inventory. We’ll tell you all you need to know!