loadCTA1.2Hey, it’s a boat, so it’s a “she” right? So it’s not so much “what boat are you going to be hauling around on one of our boat trailers,” it’s “who are you going to be hauling around on one of our boat trailers.”

So though the boat may be a “her,” boats don’t always have a feminine name. Here are some of the boats that LoadRite trailers have been hauling all over the country.

Bail Out – Certainly one of the most confusing names. Is the boat leaking and you need to bail out the water? Are you out on bail and motoring to a country with no extradition?

It’s About Time – Most people have been saving up and waiting for a boat for years. They might have started with a canoe or something with a small outboard motor, and now “it’s about time” they got the boat that they finally wanted.

Second Wind – Not a bad name for a sailboat. Considering boating can make people feel renewed, it makes sense.

Knot Working – We truly hope this refers to the person and not the boat!

Knot On-Call – Gotta admit, this is a great one for Knot On-Call doctors who are knot working! But as good as that name is, we can’t get behind…

Liquid Asset – Honestly, we don’t think this is a great name for a boat. After all, if you need money, what’s the first thing to go? Your liquid assets!

You’ve probably been waiting to get the perfect boat for years. Now that you’ve got her, make sure she has a trailer that’s worthy of her. Check out our most popular boat trailers here.