top-banner1Our website is a great resource for helping you decide which boat trailer is for you. Beyond that, our contact page is a simple way to get in touch with a LoadRite Canada representative when you have questions and you can’t find the answer. Still, bringing your boat in is the best way to make you you find that perfect boat trailer for sale.

But that invites the question if you’re buying a new boat: how do you bring it in before you have a boat trailer, and how do you buy a boat trailer without bringing the boat in? It certainly seems like a catch-22.

Well, we’re glad to tell you that it shouldn’t be a problem. Certainly, there are a lot of different boats out there, from small 1,000-pound boats that get lowered into the water on a daily basis, up to huge 15,000-pound yachts that you could live on for a week or more. But when it comes right down to it, we’ve outfitted just about every boat out there with a boat trailer from LoadRite. Our salespeople are professionals who know boats and can make the fit work. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular boat brands that we fit with trailers on a daily basis.

Stanley Boats

Stanley boats are made and manufactured by Connor Industries, a company based in Ontario. Stanley boats are custom-welded aluminum boats that have been manufactured since 1982. They are known for making a variety of recreational boats, from fishing boats to cabin cruisers. They also make commercial, search and rescue, environmental cleanup, and law enforcement boats.

Stanley and LoadRite Canada make a great pair, because LoadRite’s boat trailers perfectly match the lengths of every recreational boat Stanley makes, from 14-foot through 36-foot.

Monterey Boats

Based in Wilson, Florida, USA, Monterey Boats have been manufacturing watercraft for 25 years. They’re known for boats that really get up there in knots, such as ski boats, sports boats, outboard boats, cruisers, and yachts.

LoadRite Canada can provide a boat trailer for just about every boat Monterey manufactures, though a couple of its yachts exceed the weight limit of our largest trailer.

Regal Boats

We also outfit many Regal boats with the latest in aluminum and galvanized boat trailers. Started in 1969, Regla Boats is a family-owned business based in Orlando, Florida, USA. They’re also big on speedboats (offering more than 20 models) as well as cruisers and yachts.

Grady-White Boats

Grady White has been manufacturing boats for more than 50 years, and LoadRite has been outfitting these boats with boat trailers for decades. Based in North Carolina, USA, Grady-White offers dual-console boats, fishing boats, and many other types of watercraft.

Of course, those are just a few of the boat manufacturers we deal with all the time. We actually handle just about every boat that’s been made. “But what if my boat is really old?” you might ask. “What if it’s an antique from a Soviet country and the they only manufactured it for two years?” Not a problem, because we’re certain we can make one of our LoadRite boat trailers work. Contact us to get the process started, or visit our Innisfil or Monkland yards today!