large-boat-img3You’ll notice on our site that we have small boat trailers separated from large boat trailers. While there’s no industry standard on what differentiates a large from a small boat trailer, it’s not entirely a random break. The first difference you might notice is in the…

Axles – Larger and heavier boats need more support, and the easiest way to do that is to add axles. While our small boat trailers have just one, most of our large boat trailers have two, and some even have three.

Load capacity – In tandem with the number of axles comes load capacity. Our largest small boat trailer can handle up to 3,600 pounds, the max that we’d want to put on one axle. When that second axle is added it allows the load capacity to jump significantly up to 5200 pounds for our smallest large boat trailer (and our three-axle version can handle up to 15,000 pounds!)

Length – In this case length doesn’t refer to the length of the trailer itself but rather on the length of boat that the trailer can carry. 20 feet seems to straddle the line nicely between a small boat trailer and a large boat trailer, and there’s really no physical reasoning behind it like there is for axles or load capacity.

In the end, you can always rest assured knowing that our designers have designed each boat trailer to be as efficient and rugged as possible, and this has been shown for years in real world use. Measure your boat and then find the right boat trailer for you!