pontoon-img5One of the most common questions we hear is “which is the better boat trailer, aluminum or galvanized?” When it comes right down to it, they’re both excellent options. (In fact, here are some highlights of why you might want to buy an aluminum boat trailer). Remember they’re both highly resistant to corrosion, so it’s not as simple as answering the saltwater / freshwater question.

Hot dip galvanizing involves dipping the parts of the trailer into a zinc solution that completely covers the steel. Zinc is not only resistant to rust, but its ability to be a “sacrificial anode” allows it to work as a protectant even if the trailer is scratched.

So why might you want to choose a galvanized boat trailer?

Heavier – Galvanized boat trailers tend to be a bit heavier, which uses up a little more fuel. However, when your trailer is in the water you want your trailer to be a bit heavier. Aluminum trailers have been to know to float!

Holds up a bit longer – Okay, we’ll admit, this one is open for debate, because aluminum trailers have really stepped up over the years. Older galvanized boat trailers are certainly better than older aluminum trailers, but the gap is just about gone. What we do know is that once you reach a certain load capacity for roller trailers (none of our aluminum boat trailers with rollers exceed a 6,000 pound capacity) then it’s better to go with galvanized steel.

Cost savings: Galvanized steel boat trailers tend to be cheaper than your average aluminum boat trailer. That can be the deciding factor for some people.

Whether you’re going with an aluminum or galvanized boat trailer, it’s not just about the metal…it’s about the construction and the quality of the additional parts. Load Rite delivers on both. Check out both our aluminum and galvanized boat trailers here!