For years, boat trailer owners have struggled with trailer tire balance. Due to manufacturing parameters, trailer wheels are impossible to balance on standard automotive balancing equipment. Today, Load Rite is proud to offer factory wheel balancing free of charge on all boat trailer wheel assemblies 13″ diameter and larger through the truly innovative Counteract® bead balancing system. The system is internally applied. The only visual cue on the outside of these larger boat trailer tires is the red valve stem cap marked with “CBB” in the center.

  • Counteract® Balancing Beads Key Benefits
    * Reduced vibration
    * Increased tire life
    * Reduced maintenance costs
    * Improved fuel economy
    * FREE from Load Rite

There is more to balance than just the rubber and the rim. This technology addresses all out of balance possibilities including being able to re-balance on the fly! Counteract Balancing Beads, small coated glass beads that sit inside the tire instead of outside like the wheel weights we are used to. We could now deliver to the North American market a product that actually helped to improve fuel economy, decrease tire wear and vibration. If you pick up some dirt on your wheel, or rub a curb and the rim and rubber don’t match up to the same spot, usually you have to go back into the shop and have those tires re-balanced on those rims. Not with Counteract! The out of balance vibration will cause the beads to migrate within the tire, fixing it constantly, every time you ride!