When most people think about LoadRite, the first thing that they think about are boat trailers. It makes sense, since that’s many of the 500,000 LoadRite trailers that you’ll encounter on the road. But boat trailers, both large and small, are far from the only trailers we provide to the Canadian public. We’re also one of the largest utility trailers and equipment haulers that you’ll see on the roads.

When it comes to utility trailers, people once again think of the most common usage for them, and that’s as an aid for those who perform lawn maintenance. But today we thought we’d discuss some of the less obvious reasons that people might be purchasing our open deck trailers.


No matter whether you call it a four-wheeler, quad bike, or ATV, there’s no changing the fact that it’s a type of vehicle that is not road-legal. That means that, should you wish to get it someplace that isn’t connected to your property, you’re going to have to have a way to transport it. Lucky for you there are trailers that can get your four-wheeler where it needs to go, whether you’re out hunting, tooling around a friend’s property, or checking on some of your off-site cows. Sometimes we have people stopping by looking for a trailer specifically for their racing ATVs.

LoadRite Canada has small utility trailers waiting for you if you have a single four-wheeler you want to transport. Have two? No problems, because we have trailers that can handle dual quad bikes. Need space for four? We bet our equipment hauler can handle the job.


Boy, these nifty contraptions have certainly become popular quickly, haven’t they?

Side by Sides, also known as UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles), are taking over much of the market from ATVs, and with good reason. ATVs are considerably more dangerous, while UTVs often have seatbelts and rollover protection bars. UTVs also have a considerably more safe center of gravity.

UTVs are often used in many of the same situations as ATVs, and like ATVs are not street-legal in most places. So if you want to get you and one-to-five of your friends to your favorite hunting spot, you’re going to need an open-deck utility trailer to get your Side-by-Side down the paved road.


When some people think of landscaping, they imagine the few basics that will fit on a utility trailer: A mower or two, some rakes, and weed eaters. But landscaping can be so much more, like when the land is actually sculpted by the landscaper.

That’s where our utility trailers come in for the heavy equipment. With them you can transport small earthmoving equipment such as skid steers, trenchers, and all of the stones it takes to make retaining walls. So we’re not only helping landscapers who are taking care of Ontario lawns, we’re also helping those who are creating them.

When it comes to getting non-street-legal vehicles from one place to another, LoadRite Canada has the equipment halters and utility trailers for you. Check them out here!