For more than 35 years, Load Rite has been Canada’s premier manufacturer of watercraft and open deck trailers. Our customers love working with us for one simple reason: We Try Harder. We want every potential buyer to feel comfortable with the buying process and confident that they’ve bought the best product on the market.

Not all trailers are created equal and we believe ours are a cut above any others you’ll find in Ontario. But rather than just telling you they’re better, why don’t we show you? Here are five reasons you should choose a Load Rite trailer.

Choose Load Rite

Built Rite, Backed Rite

At Load Rite, we build the best-performing, highest quality trailers you’ll find on the market, period. All of our components are North American while many of our competitors rely on imported materials. We use only top-rated tires, aluminum, and galvanized metals. All of our other materials are of the highest quality as well, including couplers, hubs, and bearings. 

We’re so confident in the quality of our boat trailers that we offer the best warranty in the business. With our 2+3 Years Warranty, you receive up to five years of coverage on your investment. This means all of the frame and structural components of your new trailer are covered for five years while everything else, coupler to taillight, is covered for two. That gives you plenty of time to haul with complete confidence that your trailer isn’t going to fail. 


Load Rite offers a wide range of watercraft trailers and flat trailers. Our product line ranges from 14-foot galvanized trailers to 20-foot aluminum trailers for smaller boats. We have single and dual jet ski trailers with extra-strong winches designed for getting your jet ski in and out of the water fast. We have trailers specifically designed for your stylish and comfortable pontoon which range in capacity from 2,550 pounds to 5,000 pounds. We also have trailers designed to haul boats as large as 32-feet, and even bigger if you need! 

Even if you don’t have a boat, Load Rite could have the trailer for you. Our tried and true open deck utility trailers are the most reliable in the business. Whether it’s for personal use or for your business, we can find a galvanized utility trailer to fit your needs with load capacities up to 7,000 pounds and lengths as long as 16 feet. 

Industry Trusted

Our track record of satisfied customers speaks for itself. That, combined with our ceaseless attention to quality has resulted in Load Rite being given the prestigious “Most Trusted Status” by Transport Canada. We are one of only five companies in Canada to receive this designation. We were also recently the only trailer supplier to the Canadian Department of National Defense to pass all of the stringent requirements to supply combat application trailers.

Our reliability has led to countless other certifications and accolades, and we’ve garnered the trust of some of the top industry professionals. No matter what kind of boat or utility trailer you’re looking for, you can trust Load Rite to make sure you get exactly what you need.


So, how has Load Rite developed such a reliable reputation? Simple – experience. We’ve been in the trailer industry for over 35 years! During that time we’ve learned a lot about what trailers can do and worked to improve their capabilities every single day. We know how to build trailers for real work, which is why we choose galvanized metal over painting. We’ve seen what makes a trailer durable and long-lasting and make sure ours are the best in the business.

Our experience has lead to a superior product depended on by our civilian customers as well as business owners and even the Canadian Forces and the RCMP. We’ve seen what cutting corners can do, which is why we use only the highest-quality materials, even where you can’t see. Load Rite Canada has always been guided by a philosophy of high quality and superior performance, combined with a maximum efficiency production facility that has become the brand of choice with the discerning trailer buyer.


Even though we’re located in Ontario, we proudly sell our products throughout all of Canada. We have an extensive network of depots, dealers, and parts and service centers throughout the country, so you’re sure to have one nearby. To make things even more convenient, Load Rite Canada has partnered with Mercury Marine’s, Land N Sea distribution division to supplement our parts and service distribution. 

Think you’ve found a better value elsewhere? Talk to us before you buy! If you’ve found what seems to be a similar product for cheaper, there’s something missing. We run our production very efficiently to get you the best price on the best quality products. We make it easy for you to find the flaw in the competing trailer. Just call us, and we’ll provide pressure-free advice for your buying process and help you make an informed decision. 


Load Rite's Guarantee


At Load Rite Canada, we’re committed to making sure you receive exactly the trailer you need for the best price possible. Whether it’s one of our many boat-hauling trailers or our versatile utility trailers, we know you’ll be purchasing a trailer you can depend on when you buy from us. 

Our passion for over 35 years has been building trailers, and we want to pass our expertise on to you. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time buyer, give us a call or shoot us a message. We’ll make sure you get the best experience and product in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you!