When most people think about utility trailers in Canada, it’s often due to spring, summer, and fall activities. For instance, the most common reason that people buy open trailers to is haul landscaping equipment, and there’s not a whole lot of landscaping going on this time of year. (The exception being if someone needs a tree taken down due to snow damage.) Roofing companies use utility trailers and equipment haulers quite a bit, but that’s also an occupation that sees most of its work in the warmer months.

So why are people buying galvanized utility trailers during the winter months? While it’s true you see fewer open trailers in the winter months, they haven’t completely disappeared when it gets cold. Here are some of the reasons that utility trailers are still on the road all winter.

Snowblowers and Snow Removal Equipment

Did you know that landscapers take off all of the months that the grass isn’t growing? They just stop working!

Yeah, what we just said is a complete lie. But even as people search for elephant graveyards and ask “why don’t we ever see baby pigeons?”, not many people ever wonder what landscapers do when the weather gets colder.

The answer is that most landscapers turn to snow removal. It really complements the landscaping job quite well, as one often starts when the other ends. Many landscapers will make store parking lots their bread and butter, but others are hauling their snowblowers around in open deck utility trailers in order to make clearing the sidewalks easier.

Snowmobile Haulers

There are dedicated car haulers and jet ski trailers, but when it comes to snowmobiles you don’t need something so specialized!

The thing about snowmobiles is that they are deceptively long. From bumper to ski tips, the average snowmobile is nearly 10 feet long! Luckily, we have a wide selection of galvanized utility trailers that can accommodate your snowmobile. Have more than one snowmobile? You might need an equipment hauler.


While spring and summer are the seasons that most people move, there’s somebody moving every day of the year. And for some of those people, buying a utility trailer makes a lot more sense than renting a moving van or hiring movers. Think about it, hiring a moving company can cost thousands of dollars, and our utility trailers start out under $1500! And after that, you get to keep the trailer!

A similar situation can occur if you’re transporting a motorcycle as part of the move. If you’re driving your own moving van, you won’t be able to drive your cycle. Instead of having it shipped, why not just buy a trailer and transport it yourself…then keep the trailer for other uses in the future.

Do You Need A Utility Trailer This Winter?

Whether you need an open deck trailer right now or are just getting ready for next spring, we’re here to sell you an excellent trailer at a great price. Call us or visit our Monkland or Innisfil yards today!