large-boat-img9Our trailers are built to last, but they’ll last a lot longer (and you won’t void the warranty) if you do regular maintenance on them. It’s simple stuff, but it can keep your boat trailer in the best possible condition.

Washing – We sell both aluminum boat trailers and galvanized boat trailers, and they’re both incredibly resistant to the elements, including freshwater and saltwater. But moving parts, including the wheel bearings and brakes, will last longer if you hose them down. It’s incredibly important that you don’t put your trailer away wet! Always make sure to air-dry your boat trailer by driving it around for a few miles so that the water can blow off and evaporate.

Grease – Trailer wheel bearings, because they’re often submerged, will occasionally need grease applied. How you do this is different depending on the model of trailer you have, and information on how to apply it can be found here.

Bleeding the brakes – Because they’re hydraulic, most brakes need the air bled from the every so often. That’s because any air that gets into the breaks can be compressed, making them less efficient. Bleeding the brakes on your boat trailer is the same as on any tow vehicle, and simple instructions can be found here.


It’s important to remember that, while all of these should be part of your annual routine, you should make sure to check them whenever you’re taking your boat out. These are a few of the simple steps that will help your Load Rite boat trailer last for many years. Ready to buy? Check out our trailers here, or contact us to buy!