“It’s not the years…it’s the mileage.”

— Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark


Have you ever seen something in a museum – maybe an antique car or airplane – and wondered how in the world it ever stayed in such amazing condition? Then you read the placard and realize that it was either a prototype or a showroom model…in other words, it wasn’t used.

There’s no doubt that as you’re doing your research about boat trailers in Canada that you’ll find people saying “well my aluminum boat trailer doesn’t have a mark on it after 15 years” or “I have to buy a new galvanized boat trailer every 10 years.” And the first thing you might think is, we’ll it’s obvious that aluminum boat trailers are better than galvanized ones, right?

Well, not according to Indiana Jones, and not according to us. That’s because years really have nothing to do with it if you’re not using it. And every boat trailer we sell in Canada is meant to be used, as much as you want to.

That’s why we design our boat trailers to evenly distribute the weight across the frame, so that wear and tear doesn’t wear down any single joint.

That’s why we hire the best welders and fabricators we can find, and build our trailers from the best possible element-resistant materials. We want you to know that you can use your trailer every day and all you’ll need is standard maintenance.

Here at Load Rite Canada, our goal is to deliver you the best boat trailer in Canada. Check out what we can build you today!