If you’re in Ottawa, where do you do your boating? Are you a private lake sort of person? Or are you looking to get it out on the Ottawa River every weekend? Maybe you’ll be on the highway heading to Lake Ontario?

When you’re looking for boat trailers in Ottawa and the surrounding area, it’s worth the call to LoadRite at (647) 321-5050 to find just the ride for your boat. LoadRite has been manufacturing boat trailers for more than 35 years from parts made right here in North America. We have both aluminum and galvanized boat trailers that will fit whatever boat you have, from 14 ft. boat trailers up to large boat trailers that will hold 36 ft. boats, all with amazing warranties and service after the sale.

Let’s start with the small boat trailers. If your boat is 14 ft. foot long, we’ve got the perfect galvanized boat trailer that will hold up to 1,000 pounds (nearly 500 kilos). Our small boat trailers carry boats up to 20 ft. lengths on either bunks or rollers, and we have them in aluminum or galvanized steel. Don’t know which is right for you? Talk to one of our associates, and they can help you choose depending on the environments you’ll be using it in most.

Our large boat trailers start at 21 ft. and head up from there. Again, you can get either a galvanized or an aluminum boat trailer, but when they start hauling this much weight rollers are no longer an option; bunks are the way to go. Our largest is a trailer for 36 ft. boats that can handle up to 15,000 pounds (6,800 kilos!). If you have a bigger boat than that, we’d like to see it!

We can also provide you with excellent options for your pontoon boat, as well as single and dual jet ski trailers. Don’t see exactly what you need? Talk to us and we can help. We’re dedicated to getting you the right trailer from the most trusted manufacturer around.

Our Monkland yard is just an hour east of Ottawa. When you’re looking for a great selection of high-quality trailers, your boat is worth the call (647) 321-5050