Love boating? You’re in luck when it comes to life in the Toronto area, because there’s no shortage of places to drop your boat in the water. Maybe you’re picking up from our Innisfil or Mount Albert yard because you’re just down the street from Lake Simcoe. Or maybe you need to hit the highway to reach your favorite Great Lake. Want to head out to your favorite back-country spot? LoadRite Canada has the perfect boat trailer that will hold up to years of bumpy roads that lead to your favorite fishing. We are as close as your phone and on the way to the water. (647) 321-5050.

Think you’re boat won’t fit a LoadRite? Think again, because we’ve been making both large and small boat trailers in a huge range of sizes for over 35 years with a dedication to getting you the quality you deserve. We start out with single jet ski and dual jet ski trailers. Then it moves on to our small boat trailers, starting at 14 ft.  and moving up to 20 ft. boats. After that we move on to our large boat trailers, good for 21 ft. boats and up to monstrous 36 ft. boats. And of course we’ve got specialized trailers for pontoon boats 18-26 feet long.

Can’t decide whether a galvanized boat trailer or aluminum boat trailer is for you? Talk with one of our associates; we make both because each has its place depending on what you expect to be putting it through. He’ll also be able to tell you about the amazing warranties, service, and support that come with LoadRite trailers and how the components are all made in North America.

Our yards, which are a short drive northeast and northwest of Toronto (Mount Albert & Innisfil), are convenient when you want the perfect boat trailer in the Toronto area. Contact us today at (647) 321-5050 and you’ll be boating your favorite waters before you know it.