LoadRite Canada has the best new trailers for sale in the country. We use only the finest materials so that you can get the highest-quality, longest-lasting trailers available. Whether you’re looking for an aluminum boat trailer or a jet ski trailer, we have the best way to haul around anything and everything you need. When you’re looking for trailers in Canada, start with LoadRite!

Small Boat Trailers

Looking for a small boat trailer that can get you to your favorite body of water? LoadRite Canada has just what you need. We have the aluminum and galvanized boat trailers you need so that you’ll feel good hauling your boat on the highway and on back roads. Our small boat trailers come in four different sizes:

14 ft boat trailerssmall boat trailer

16 ft boat trailers

17 ft boat trailers

19 ft boat trailers

Large Boat Trailers

When you have a big boat, you need the perfectly-sized larger boat trailer. LoadRite Canada has assembled some of the best boat trailers for sale around for large boats. We have aluminum boat trailers and galvanized boat trailers so that you have the choices you want from a boat trailer manufacturer. Here are the nine different sizes of large boat trailers from LoadRite:

20 ft boat trailerslarge boat trailer

21 ft boat trailers

23 ft boat trailers

25 ft boat trailers

26 ft boat trailers

27 ft boat trailers

28 ft boat trailers

32 ft boat trailers

36 ft boat trailers

Pontoon Boat Trailers

You need to get your pontoon boat in and out of the water as easily as possible every time, and LoadRite Canada has built them to hold up to the stresses you put them through at the dock and on the highway. Here are four of the most popular sizes of galvanized boat trailers to choose from:

18-20 ft  pontoon boat trailerspontoon boat trailer

22 ft pontoon boat trailers

22-24 ft pontoon boat trailers

25-26 ft pontoon boat trailers

Jet Ski Trailers

jet skiWhether you need a single or dual jet ski trailer, LoadRite Canada has the perfect one for your needs. Our winches make it easy to get your jet skis in and out of the water, whether you decide on one of our galvanized or aluminum jet ski trailers. You’ll find all of the options by clicking these links:

Single Jet Ski Trailers

Dual Jet Ski Trailers