Look, we have no trouble saying that we sell the best boat trailers in Canada. They’re expertly designed, well put together, and have amenities that are hard to beat.

But that’s not to say that you don’t need to take care of it once you get it. While a good boat trailer will hold up better than a poorly built one when it comes to abuse, every boat trailer can meet an untimely end if a person doesn’t take care of it. Here are a few reminders when it comes to caring for your large or small boat trailer.

Not Washing It Off

Galvanized steel and aluminum boat trailers are generally immune to the effects of saltwater. But is your entire boat trailer made from one of these metals? No. In fact, while the body of the trailer might not be susceptible to saltwater, some components are more likely to be affected. Certain parts of the wheel system might be negatively-affected by saltwater, even if it’s only slightly salty. Simply washing off this water with freshwater is a great way to extend the life of multiple parts of your trailer.

Big Boat, Small Trailer

When you save up your money for a new boat, you just can’t wait to sell the old one and upgrade. But upgrades often mean that the new boat will be bigger, and since you want to get the new one as soon as possible, you might try to make your larger boat work on your smaller boat trailer.

Here’s our advice: don’t. Having too large a boat on too small a trailer can leader to many problems. First of all, you’re going to shorten the life of your trailer, because every little bump you hit will be amplified and wear down the springs and the frame. You also have to take safety into concern. A larger boat means that there will most likely be more of the boat above the bunks or rollers than there was before, which could lead to tipping concerns. You should put off that new boat for a couple of months so that you can upgrade to large boat trailer at the same time.

Take Care of Those Tires

Driving with a trailer is tricky enough, so you certainly don’t want to risk having a blowout and making it impossible to drive. A blowout is certainly going to damage the rim, so you’re not only looking at a new tire but also a new wheel.

You should check your tires every time you head out, inflating them to the factory specifications. Be careful to check for tires that are rotting. Because boat trailers tend to sit around in one spot during the off-season, a small section is being directly exposed to the elements and UV light. Have your tires checked out by your boat trailer manufacturer if you have any questions about their safety.

Take care of your boat trailer and it will take care of you. If you’re looking for a boat trailer that will hold up with minimal (but still some!) maintenance, stop by and see us at our Monkland or Innisfil yard today!