1. Big Mistakes People Make With Both Galvanized and Aluminum Boat Trailers

    It happens all the time. People get excited about their new boat and boat trailer combo and don’t think things through properly regarding keeping everything safe and in good order. We get it! You’re not going to find anyone more excited about boat trailers in Ontario than the team at LoadRite Canada!  But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the rules or disregard the instructions just becau…Read More

  2. Getting Your Boat (and Boat Trailer) Ready For Spring

    Considering the visits that we’ve been getting from across the web, it’s very obvious that people are itching to get their boats out on the water. While we’ve gone over tips for checking your boat trailer once winter is over, today we’re going to take a look at some tips on how to get your boat ready for spring. No, it’s not spring yet, but when you inspect your boat in late winter, you…Read More

  3. 2 Problems With Buying a Used Boat Trailer

      Here at LoadRite Canada, we’re big fans of “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” a phrase that you’ve probably heard a thousand times since its inception. When our parent company (one of the premier boat trailer manufacturers in the world) is making boat trailers large and small, recycling the unused steel and aluminum that goes into making the best boat trailers and utility trailers around is …Read More

  4. Why Are People Searching For “Boat Trailer Parts Near Me”?

    If you use Google (as most people do), you’ll often notice that it will autocomplete with the words “near me” after you put in your search term. People search for “oil changes near me” and “pet boarding near me.” People don’t just search for “Mexican food”; they’re searching for “Mexican food near me.” (Apparently, it doesn’t matter how good the Mexican food is, just ho…Read More

  5. large boat trailer or small boat trailer

    Do You Need A Large Boat Trailer or a Small Boat Trailer?

    When you navigate our site and take a look at our boat trailers, you’ve probably noticed that the site is broken down by the different kinds of trailers we manufacture. So if you’re looking for a boat trailer, you won’t need to take a look at the utility trailers and equipment haulers we offer. And unless you’re looking for a jet ski trailer or pontoon trailer, you’re not going to head t…Read More

  6. Even The Best Canadian Boat Trailer Has Problems When You Don’t Maintain It

    Look, we have no trouble saying that we sell the best boat trailers in Canada. They’re expertly designed, well put together, and have amenities that are hard to beat. But that’s not to say that you don’t need to take care of it once you get it. While a good boat trailer will hold up better than a poorly built one when it comes to abuse, every boat trailer can meet an untimely end if a person…Read More

  7. 4 Ways Your Boat Trailer Can Ruin Your Fishing Trip

    If you’re like most people who have a boat trailer, you just can’t wait to get your boat out on the water. That might mean that you’re waiting for the lake to thaw so that you can get it out there in spring, or maybe you’re getting antsy for Saturday morning because it’s been five whole days since you’ve pulled your boat trailer to the water! There’s a certain amount of prep that goe…Read More

  8. Some Tips On Boat Trailer and Utility Trailer Lights

    When you’re the proud owner of a trailer, whether it’s a small boat trailer or a huge utility trailer, there can be that urge to get moving as quickly as possible. After all, the water is calling, and you’ve been waiting all week to get out on the water. With a utility trailer, you might want to get going because time is money, and your clients’ lawns aren’t going to mow themselves. But …Read More

  9. Why Boat Trailers Keep Getting Better and Better

    For 35 years now LoadRite has been providing boat owners with the absolute best trailers around, whether a customer is looking for a small boat trailer or a large utility trailer. And as customers upgrade their boat of equipment, they keep coming back again and again for another LoadRite. Each time someone comes back to us, they’re most likely getting a better trailer than the previous one they …Read More

  10. Who builds the best trailers in Canada ?

    Well, many would probably claim that title without any sort of objective proof to back up their claim. At Load Rite we know we build the best trailers and have numerous accolades and accomplishments to back up our claims. Most recently we were the only company to surpass the extremely stringent quality and performance standards of Canada's Special Forces for combat application trailers ! This sele…Read More