When you’re the proud owner of a trailer, whether it’s a small boat trailer or a huge utility trailer, there can be that urge to get moving as quickly as possible. After all, the water is calling, and you’ve been waiting all week to get out on the water. With a utility trailer, you might want to get going because time is money, and your clients’ lawns aren’t going to mow themselves.

But as anxious as you might be to drive off, you need to check your trailer lights every time. It doesn’t matter if it’s been months since you used your trailer or if you just used it yesterday; you need to check the lights.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you’ll want to inspect your lights and some things you can do to keep them in good working order.

It’s the Law

The law is a pretty good reason to keep your taillights in good working order. A vehicle is required to have working taillights, and whether or not you get a ticket is often up to the mood of the police officer on a given day.

They’re Out In The Open

Tail lights go out on cars and trucks all the time, despite the fact that they’re enclosed and weather-sealed within the vehicle. A trailer’s lights are out there in the open, with their contacts more likely to get water in them or shake loose.

Put Some Corrosion Resistant Spray on the Contacts

Because taillights are often getting dunked and are out in the elements, they’re going to get some corrosion on them. Wherever the wiring is connecting to the lights, disconnect it and spray some electrical contact cleaner on.

Replace the Bulbs

If your connections are clean, maybe it’s simply the bulbs that have to be replaced. (This is most likely the case if only one of your lights is out.) Replace the bulb and you should be good to go. Of course, if there’s corrosion on the contacts you’ll want to take it off with some sandpaper before replacing the bulbs.

If you have LED lighting, such as one on LoadRite trailers, you’re going to be replacing those bulbs much less often. LED light bulbs aren’t nearly as susceptible to the shaking that most boat trailers go through, so you probably won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

Replace the Whole Taillight System

If you’re buying a new LoadRite trailer, you’re not going to have to replace the wiring anytime soon. But if you have an old boat trailer and there’s lot of corrosion on the wiring and the lights, you might just go ahead and replace the entire lighting system. Switch over to LED and you’ll have something much more reliable.

Taking care of your taillights is a vitally-important aspect of boat trailer maintenance because you don’t want someone rear-ending your trailer and causing a lot of damage. Be sure to check your taillights every time you hook up your trailer and you’ll be making the roads a safer place for everyone.