If you use Google (as most people do), you’ll often notice that it will autocomplete with the words “near me” after you put in your search term. People search for “oil changes near me” and “pet boarding near me.” People don’t just search for “Mexican food”; they’re searching for “Mexican food near me.” (Apparently, it doesn’t matter how good the Mexican food is, just how close!)

So when it comes to “boat trailer parts,” why are people searching for “boat trailer parts near me”? Why are people so interested in heading to a local trailer part location instead of just ordering trailer parts online? We have a few thoughts.

“I need it now.”

The most obvious reason that people will head to a local place is because they need their trailer parts now. They’ve been waiting all week to go boating (ever since they winched up their boat on Sunday evening), but then when they’re loading up for Saturday’s trip to the lake, they realize that something’s gone wrong with their trailer during the week. It either lost a part or succumbed to saltwater, and there’s no way they’re going to skip their boat trip this weekend just because they have to wait a week for parts to come in the mail.

That’s when they come to LoadRite. Instead of having to keep the boat out of the water this weekend, they can get the parts they need on either Friday or Saturday and still make that appointment with the fishes.

“I buy local.”

Buying local isn’t just something you hear at a farmers market. People also want to buy local when it comes to long-term items, and that includes trailer parts. Buying local means that you’re supporting local businesses and their employees, and your taxes stay closer as well.

Many people have taken their business online for many of their day-to-day products, usually because they can save some money. But that savings is often restricted to popular items or discount items, not relatively obscure parts like you might need for your average aluminum or galvanized boat trailer. Just because you got a great deal on that new Blu-ray doesn’t mean that you’ll find a cheaper price on a replacement boat winch. What we’re saying is, don’t always assume that online and better deal are synonymous (especially if you take shipping into account).

“Have you seen the latest Carolina Skiff?”

Another reason that people stop by our Innisfil or Monkland trailer yards is that they simply want to talk boats! It might be the only opportunity to talk about boats with an un-distracted person all week, so heading to some place that sells boat trailer parts is actually something that’s fun for them to do. They can also fantasize about buying one of the large boat trailers we carry…and the boat to go on it!

Stop By LoadRite Canada Today!

Next time you find yourself typing in “boat trailer parts near me,” we hope that you end up stopping by LoadRite Canada. We’re ready to help get your boat back on the road!