For 35 years now LoadRite has been providing boat owners with the absolute best trailers around, whether a customer is looking for a small boat trailer or a large utility trailer. And as customers upgrade their boat of equipment, they keep coming back again and again for another LoadRite.

Each time someone comes back to us, they’re most likely getting a better trailer than the previous one they bought from us. That’s because our trailers just keep getting better and better. Let’s take a quick look at why this is happening.

The Software Gets Better

Even if you were using a computer 35 years ago, the hardware and software that you were using is certainly long out of date by now. While virtual design was helping us create excellent boat and utility trailers back then, the modern software we use can do so much more today. Not only can we create the model, but we can also see how it’s going to react in particular situations, such as wind and bad roads. When you’re able to test something before it’s even built, improvements can be made continuously so that a better trailer is right around the corner.

We Listen To Customers

While computers can model a trailer well, it’s not able to anticipate every real world scenario. Our customers, however, are putting the trailers through the paces every day of the week. Fishermen are taking their boat trailers on bumpy roads, landscapers are using the equipment haulers to get the mowers around. They’re going over the real-world Canadian roads and are using them like real people do. That’s not something a computer can take into account.

Over 35 years we’ve continuously improved our trailers after listening to our customers. How roughly do they treat the ramps on the open trailer? Is the new winch design working for them on their large boat trailer? It’s only by asking these questions that we can constantly improve the trailers we sell.

We Force Ourselves To

Warranties aren’t just a way to convince a customer that they’re buying a quality product. They also work as a tool for us as the manufacturer to ensure high quality, because preventing problems is a lot cheaper than fixing them! By proving our customers with a warranty, they know and we know that we’re going to be responsible for the proper construction of our trailers.

The Word Is Out

In the past, customers had to do a lot more leg work when they were investigating the purchase of a new boat trailer. They might talk to other trailer owners when they were at the lake, or they could just take their chances with whoever had the biggest ad in the phone book. Either way, it was a lot more effort and a lot less reliable to find out which boat trailer was best.

Today, it’s much easier for people to get the word out about which boater trailer manufacturer is providing a quality product and which one isn’t. We know we have to keep making the best boat and utility trailers around because the internet gives everyone the information about who is providing quality trailers and service. The only way to stay on top is to make the best product around.

LoadRite Canada has been improving our trailers for over 35 years, both incrementally and exponentially. We’d love to show you what we’ve come up with, and the best way is to stop by our Innisfil or Monkland yards to find that perfect trailer that fits your needs. We look forward to seeing you!