Our LoadRite equipment haulers are incredibly versatile

There’s that scene near the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back when all of the huge Star Destroyers are moving around, and then a shadow falls over them. Something bigger has come to town: the Super Star Destroyer.

And while our equipment hauler might not be ten times the size of its smaller utility trailer counterparts, it certainly does dwarf them! Here are a few reasons why so many contractors, landscapers, and farmers use our equipment hauler for work and for play.

Size: Need a lot of equipment moved from place to place? The deck of these equipment haulers is 18 feet long (5.4 meters) and 6.5 feet across (2 meters) across, giving you over 117 square feet of space to work with (that’s about 35 square meters). Just think of everything you can haul from one job to the next!

Weight: More equipment means more weight, and you don’t want to be straining your old utility trailer with too much weight per axle. Our massive equipment haulers can handle up to 7,000 pounds per axle, and 16,000 pounds GVWR (7,300 kg).

Toughness: Like many of our trailers, the frame of this equipment hauler is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, both inside and out. This protects it from the elements so that it doesn’t rust. This steel construction means that it will hold up to whatever you put it through for many years…grow you business and you’ll be buying an additional trailer before you ever replace your first!  The decks are 2 X 6” and 2” X 8” treated pine, which hold up while reducing the overall weight (and therefore gas consumption) of the trailer and giving you a place to permanently secure equipment.

The Extras: Because it’s one of the most rugged pieces we make and know that it will be in strenuous circumstance, we made sure to include the best-of-the-best equipment on it as well. Stuff like spring-assisted ramps, galvanized bumpers, electric brakes, integrated chain storage, concealed wiring, LED lights, stake pockets and D-rings.,

Versatility: These equipment haulers are perfect for contractors, but they work great in just about any large-scale application. Because the deck is so large, this equipment hauler can be used for many, many applications, and the D-rings and stake holders give you all the options you need for tieing down and securing your cargo. They’re perfect for getting all of your contracting equipment from job to job. Transport a bunch of riding lawn mowers and push mowers. Get that farm gear where you need it. Move a gaggle of 4-wheelers across the country, or crank your latest junker project up onto the deck with the top-wind jack (or help a broken-down friend out of a tight spot).

Our equipment hauler is big, no doubt about it. But when you need the space, you’ll be glad you upgraded to this beautiful monster. Check it out on this page, and find its specifications here.