1. Are You In the Market For a Boat Trailer?

    There are a number of variables to consider when weighing your options for boat trailers. In this post we will go through a few important factors to consider before buying: Q: Should I Choose A Painted Steel or Galvanized Boat Trailer? A: The Rite choice is hot-dip galvanized! Hot-dip galvanizing is superior to paint and can provide decades of corrosion protection. Hot-dip galvanized boat trailers…Read More

  2. Bead-Balanced Wheels On Boat Trailers

    BEAD-BALANCED WHEELS ON ALL 13" OR LARGER ASSEMBLIES For years, boat trailer owners have struggled with trailer tire balance. Due to manufacturing parameters, trailer wheels are impossible to balance on standard automotive balancing equipment. Today, Load Rite is proud to offer factory wheel balancing free of charge on all boat trailer wheel assemblies 13″ diameter and larger through the truly i…Read More

  3. Boat Trailer Tips & Advice

    Choosing the Rite Trailer Spring is almost here, and if you're in the market for a jet ski or boat trailer it is important that you choose the Rite trailer! Here are some factors that will help ensure your trailer fits your boat and towing needs. Calculating Capacity When you are calculating the carry capacity needed on your trailer, it is important to consider the following factors: boat weight, …Read More

  4. Is It Time To Replace Your Jet Ski Trailer?

    Okay, it’s that time of year...jet ski time! While you might have done some boating in late fall or early spring, the waters were probably too cold to get into without freezing your toes off. So even if you’ve already been fishing this year, there’s a good chance that you weren’t really in the mood to get your personal watercraft onto your jet ski trailer and haul it to the lake. But now t…Read More

  5. More Than Just Small Boat Trailers: Move Your Cycle, Snowmobile, and Jet Skis

    You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of LoadRite Canada’s biggest sellers is our galvanized 14-foot boat trailer. After all, most people don’t have a problem affording a small boat, and a 14-foot trailer is just the right size for most customers. And when someone comes in looking for something in a larger boat trailer, we can accommodate them all the way up to 35-foot boat tr…Read More

  6. What Do We Have For Your Fun Vehicles?

    We sell a whole lot of boat trailers here at LoadRite, which for most people are a way of getting their recreational boat around. Of course, that’s not the only type of trailer we offer to get your recreational vehicles around. Check out these other ways to haul your weekend fun behind you. Jet Skis No matter where you need to take your jet ski, LoadRite has the trailer for you. Not every lake i…Read More

  7. Why Buy Your Jet Skis and Dual Jet Ski Trailer Instead of Renting?

      Are you thinking about buying a couple of jet skis so that you and your family can get out on one of the many wonderful lakes in the area? If you’re a fan of jet skis, you’ve probably tooled around on a friend's or have rented when you get to the lake. So, why consider buying some jet skis and a dual jet ski trailer instead of continuing to borrow or rent? Here are a few thoughts.  …Read More

  8. Is That A Small Boat Trailer? Nope! It’s The Perfect Jet Ski Trailer!

    Sometimes you might be looking through our site and wondering “is that a small boat trailer?” No, that’s just one of our jet ski trailers, built to the exact same high quality you’d expect from any LoadRite boat trailer. We build them in both aluminum and galvanized and can handle the weight of even the heaviest jet ski or Ski-Doo. Jet skis aren’t practical, they’re just fun! After all…Read More