1. What Really Determines The Value Of Your Boat Trailer In Canada?

      “It’s not the years...it’s the mileage.” — Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark   Have you ever seen something in a museum - maybe an antique car or airplane - and wondered how in the world it ever stayed in such amazing condition? Then you read the placard and realize that it was either a prototype or a showroom model...in other words, it wasn’t used. There’s no doubt …Read More

  2. The Differences Between A Large And Small Boat Trailer In Canada

    You’ll notice on our site that we have small boat trailers separated from large boat trailers. While there’s no industry standard on what differentiates a large from a small boat trailer, it’s not entirely a random break. The first difference you might notice is in the... Axles - Larger and heavier boats need more support, and the easiest way to do that is to add axles. While our small boat …Read More

  3. Top 3 Reasons Why You Might Choose A Galvanized Boat Trailer Over An Aluminum Boat Trailer

      One of the most common questions we hear is “which is the better boat trailer, aluminum or galvanized?” When it comes right down to it, they’re both excellent options. (In fact, here are some highlights of why you might want to buy an aluminum boat trailer). Remember they’re both highly resistant to corrosion, so it’s not as simple as answering the saltwater / freshwater question.…Read More

  4. Getting the best value on a Boat Trailer

    Current and prospective boat owners are often challenged by the great many trailer types they encounter when shopping for a new trailer for their boat. To ensure you get the best value in a Boat Trailer you need to ask a series of questions I have listed below. You will be surprised that the answers to these questions may differ dramatically depending on who is providing the answer. Clearing up th…Read More

  5. What Kind Of Basic Maintenance Does A Boat Trailer In Canada Need?

      Our trailers are built to last, but they’ll last a lot longer (and you won’t void the warranty) if you do regular maintenance on them. It’s simple stuff, but it can keep your boat trailer in the best possible condition. Washing - We sell both aluminum boat trailers and galvanized boat trailers, and they’re both incredibly resistant to the elements, including freshwater and saltwater…Read More

  6. Top 3 Reasons To Why You Might Choose An Aluminum Boat Trailer Over A Galvanized Boat Trailer

    First, let’s get this out of the way...both aluminum boat trailers and galvanized boat trailers have their advantages (in fact, you can read about the advantages of a galvanized boat trailer here). It’s not as simple as a freshwater / saltwater question, as they’re both equally good in both. In the end, it all comes down to which one will work best for you. This week we’ll talk about why a…Read More

  7. When You’re Looking For A Boat Trailer For Sale, Should You Buy New Or Used?

      Okay, full disclosure...if it’s not obvious, we sell new boat trailers! So there’s not doubt that when you’re looking for a boat trailer for sale, whether it’s a large or small boat trailer, that we’re going to hope that you’ll buy a new one. But we hope you’ll agree that we make a few good points when we suggest you buy a boat trailer that’s new. The frame: When you buy use…Read More